Poseidon Ocean Systems is proud to be a world leader in innovative life support technology for aquaculture.

Canada’s leader in design, development and engineering of cutting-edge life support systems, we provide both aeration and oxygen disbursement systems to some of the world’s most advanced aquaculture companies.

Our marine life support systems are specifically designed to raise dissolved oxygen levels, protect against hazardous algae blooms and harmful plankton conditions and streamline both harvest and treatment operations – engineered to the precise specifications of your aquaculture project.

gaugesAeration – air diffusion systems

  • Protect against harmful algae and plankton blooms
  • Can mitigate against low concentrations of dissolved oxygen
  • Enhance bath treatment operations (hydrogen peroxide, fresh water)
  • Streamline harvest operations






Oxygen controls – supplementary oxygen generation and diffusion systems

  • Improve poor oxygen conditions
  • Streamline harvest operations
  • Enhance treatment operations
  • Full support during tarp deployment