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Offering innovative and industry-leading aquaculture solutions.

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Innovative Products

Poseidon designs, develops and engineers Innovative, industry-leading products & solutions for the aquaculture industry worldwide.

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Agile Response

Using adaptive planning, resourceful development, empirical knowledge and continuous improvement, we create custom solutions quickly and effectively.

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Cutting Edge R & D

Our advanced engineering research, concept development and product design sets us apart from our competitors.

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Methodical Approach

Using a step-by-step approach, we help you select, set up and operate your system.

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Poseidon Ocean Systems delivers innovative, industry-leading solutions that maximize aquaculture value chains. Our continuous investment in cutting-edge research and new product development is what truly sets us apart.

Our diverse and highly skilled team has extensive experience in marine engineering on a wide variety of aquaculture projects. Book an appointment with us and we will help improve your operation.


Life Support Systems

Our cutting-edge oxygen and air diffusion systems are specifically designed to raise dissolved oxygen levels, and protect and mitigate against harmful plankton and algae blooms.

Net-Pen Construction

Poseidon expertly designs, builds, sources, supplies and deploys the most advanced aquaculture net-pen systems in the world.

Mooring Systems

From consult to concept, engineering to supply, and full installation oversight and sign-off, we specialize in mooring solutions for extreme marine environments.

Extreme Environmental Site Challenges

The aquaculture industry faces significant environmental challenges. And we believe to ensure environmental sustainability and future industry growth, it’s essential to develop engineered responses to these challenges. Poseidon is built around achieving that goal.

Practical Applied Marine Engineering

With an emphasis on geospatial techniques relevant to coastal and marine data capture, analysis, integration and visualization; our diverse team of marine engineers have the practical experience to support all of our engineering efforts.

Collaborative Approach to Solutions

We tailor our solutions to target your specific needs. We recognize that different regions present different challenges, and we take pride in developing customized solutions for customer’s unique operational and environmental requirements.

Our Team is Our Essence

We are a new kind of engineering company because of the talent & diversity of our team. Founded by Professional Engineers, and borne from the Canadian Aquaculture Industry, we provide a wide range of services tailored to the aquaculture and marine industries, both locally and internationally.

We employ only the best in their fields and you benefit from the results. We would not be where we are today without the great support and commitment from the entire Poseidon team.