Matt Clarke and wife Heather co-founded Poseidon Ocean Systems in 2015 to deliver products that improve the efficiency of salmon farming operations. The company won one of the two $124,000 prize at the inaugural BC Aquaculture Innovation Awards on Thursday. Photos: Innovate BC

“If you build it, they will come.” And so they did: roughly 50 innovators from all over the province of British Columbia came to participate in the inaugural BC Aquaculture Innovation Awards on Thursday, among which two transformative inventions were awarded the top prize of $124,000 (C$150,000) each, and a fan favorite was awarded $20,000 (C$25,000).

The pandemic has arguably sharpened the drive to innovate on technology for seafood farming as the crisis highlighted the crucial role the industry plays in food security. Innovate BC, an agency of the provincial government, gave the trailblazers the stage to showcase their innovations.

But even as more than 600 virtual spectators celebrated the homegrown talents, there was no escaping the reality that BC salmon aquaculture is standing on shaky ground.

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