Our philosophy is to provide integrated engineered solutions, not just products or services. Our experienced team can take you all the way from concept to fully operational project – and we have the experience, the knowledge and skills to guide you every step of the way. 

We design and build aquaculture infrastructure from the seafloor up – this includes cutting-edge mooring systems and equipment, net-pen construction, and life support systems. We place a high value on research and development, seeking to develop technology and equipment proactively to support our customers. 

Founded by Professional Engineers, and borne from the Canadian Aquaculture industry, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet all of your marine needs. We work collaboratively to engineer solutions for our clients, ranging from local fish farms on the West Coast to large-scale worldwide operations. 


Life Support Systems

IInternational exporters and engineers of cutting-edge air and oxygen diffusion systems. Life support systems specifically designed to raise dissolved oxygen levels, protect against hazardous algae blooms and harmful plankton, and to streamline both harvest and treatment operations. More Information

Net Pen Construction

Expertly designing, building, sourcing, supplying and deploying the most advanced net-pen systems in the world. We provide industry-leading net-pen construction and engineer the complete design, analysis and integration of both primary and predator nets. More Information

Mooring Systems

Complete engineered mooring packages. From concept to design to supply, we specialize in mooring system solutions for extreme conditions, hazardous site locations and highly regulated environments. More Information

Research & Development

Acting as your partner for problem solving and meeting all of your marine project’s unique requirements. Our highly-trained team of certified Marine Engineers is highly experienced at selecting and analyzing aquaculture sites, performing field research and developing innovative technology and solutions. More Information