Dedicated to Innovative Aquaculture Research & Development

Innovative solutions start with an idea. But, it takes an ongoing investment in ideas to create products and services that impact an industry.

Close to half of our time is spent on research & development.

Our team at Poseidon has generations of seafaring coursing through our blood. It’s what we do, it’s what we love and it’s what we know. And, as marine engineers, we’re also scientists, continually striving to advance our shared knowledge of marine environments and aquaculture systems.

It’s this background and dedication to our craft that spark the ideas. And then, we make investments in the best applications to deliver engineered solutions for some of the most challenging problems facing the aquaculture industry today.

In fact, in just three years, our R&D spending delivered:

15 Innovative Product Introductions

4 Patents Pending – And More To Come

In-house Aquaculture Innovations

Our advanced engineering research, concept development and product design sets us apart from our competitors. Our innovations include:


  • Industry-leading life support systems
    • Poseidon has developed 5 generations of industry-leading life support systems in less than three years
  • Development of the all-new, industry-leading Trident steel pen system
  • Development of both the Hydra Flex and Hydra Rigid mooring systems
  • Unique Pen system accessories designed to:
    • Eliminate trip hazards on pen walkways
    • Simplify net rigging
    • Prevent damage to floating collars from work vessels
    • Provide dedicated routing for power, air, predator systems and more
  • Ongoing research in Computational Fluid Dynamics in support of better Life Support Systems
    • Supported by the National Research Council of Canada and multiple Canadian Universities

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