Net-Pen Systems

Severe conditions and unforgiving environments. Diverse wave and wind conditions and strong tidal currents. In other words, the standard settings most aquaculture organizations require for net pen systems including nets, net pens and marine cages.

Poseidon Ocean Systems is a leader in the design and supply of nets, net pens and marine cages in Canada and around the globe. We have the expertise, knowledge and technical ability to design and supply net pen systems that meet the specific performance requirements of your operations.

We offer both steel and HDPE net pen systems in any configuration, each tailored to the environment and conditions they will face. We have extensive experience with predators and designing systems to eliminate predator losses. Plus, our knowledge, experience and research and development investment allows us to engineer unique solutions.

TRIDENT Hybrid Cage System – Designing for the Future

The TRIDENT Hybrid is a steel pen system that supports new technology and advancing processes in aquaculture.


  • Strongest System Available on the Market
  • Fully Integrates Aquaculture Systems
  • Certified to Norwegian Standard 9415
  • Safer, More Efficient Work Areas
  • Easier to Assemble and Maintain
  • Maximizes Site Configurations
  • Advanced Construction Methods

Modular sizing and rigging allows for a wide variety of site configurations of 30m, 36m, and 40m pens.


  • Complete System
  • Modular Setup
  • Productive Growing
  • Effective Harvesting
  • Efficient Cleanup
  • Certified to Norwegian Standard NS9415
  • Full Systems Integration
  • Strongest system available on the market

Walkway General Arrangement


  1. Includes standard bull-rail to accommodate existing rigging plans.
  2. Equipment post socket every 10’ standard.
  3. Bird-net support frames with overhead lift capacity for net weights.
  4. FRP walkway grating is lightweight and removable.
  5. HDPE pipe flotation allows for continuous and attenuated response to wave action. It has up to 400% greater wall thickness than traditional billets and is fully sealed.
  6. All piping, hose, and conduit can be located below grating for a safe working area.
  7. Removable steel grating is an option. Grating can be upgraded to accommodate forklifts at any time.
  8. All feed and air piping is located under the deck.
  9. Pipe floatation is continuous across all hinged joints, significantly reducing deflection at the hinges, and reducing or eliminating the need for hinge stiffeners.

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Hvalpsund Net HD Cage System – Designing for the Future

We design, build, source, supply and deploy the most advanced aquaculture pen systems in the world. Through our partnership with Hvalpsund Nets we’re the exclusive builder and supplier of their next generation of HDPE plastic net pens in western Canada, including the largest net pens ever built in Canada. The Hvalpsund HDPE cage system ranges from 250mm right up to the flagship HD500 system. Contact us to discuss the system that is right for your operations.

HD500 System Design & Configuration

The HD500 system is available in diameters from 38m to over 70m, and is rated up to the most extreme marine conditions. It is the widest and most user-friendly system in its class, and is use around the world from Norway to Canada to Australia.

A typical configuration would look something like the displayed images.

140m inner circumference HD500 Float Collar with:

  • 500mm DR17 float collars
  • 48 brackets
  • Walkways
  • Handrail (140mm) and handrail supports
  • 12 Mooring Straps
  • Secondary Floatation Foam

400mm Diameter DR11 Sinkertube with:

  • 80kg/m continuous weighting
  • 24 Sinkertube Support Downlines
  • 24 Sinkertube Connection Straps

Versatile Rigging Capabilities:

  • Dual heavy duty rigging eyes
  • Equipped with 2 downline sleeves, a separate bird pole sleeve, and a bracket-bracket rope connection

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