Trident Hybrid Sea Cage System

The world’s most advanced aquaculture steel cage system.
Its forward-thinking design allows for a seamless transition to advanced technologies, such as rigid nets and floating closed containment, without the need to invest in new structures.

Advanced Safety, Stability, & Longevity


  • Reduced twisting
  • Advanced wave energy handling
  • Obstacle-free walkways
  • Removable decking

  • Certified to Norwegian standard 9415
  • Engineered to 355MPa yield strength
  • 400% thicker HDPE tube flotation design

  • Fatigue resistance greater than 20 years
  • Limited lifetime warranty on flotation pipes
  • Industrial-grade long-life pins & bushings
trident walk
Trident Steel Cage
Trident Steel Cage
Trident Hybrid 40x40

Modular sizing and rigging.
Wide variety of site configurations. Standard sizes include 24m, 30m, 36m, and 40m pens.

  • Includes standard bull-rail to accommodate existing rigging plans.
  • Equipment post socket every 10’ standard.
  • Bird-net support frames with overhead lift capacity for net weights.
  • FRP walkway grating is lightweight and removable.
  • HDPE pipe flotation allows for a continuous and attenuated response to wave action. It has up to 400% greater wall thickness than traditional billets and is fully sealed.
  • All piping, hose, and conduit can be located below grating for a safe working area.
  • Removable steel grating is an option.
  • Grating can be upgraded to accommodate forklifts at any time.
  • All feed and air piping is located under the deck.
  • Pipe floatation is continuous across all hinged joints, significantly reducing deflection at the hinges, and reducing or eliminating the need for hinge stiffeners.
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