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Millions of Fish Killed by Algae Bloom

Poseidon Equipment is Proven to Prevent This

Poseidon’s Generation IV Life Support Systems with enhanced, state-of-the-art, algae/plankton protection guards against these terrible fish mortalities.

Poseidon Protects Against Algae Blooms
Poseidon Ocean Systems Life Support
The channels are booming and the headlines are clear: “Plankton Problem, Algae Blooms, Norway’s Fish Problem, Salmon Mortalities”. News about millions of fish dying is everywhere.

As stated by SeafoodSource on May 17, 2019, “The aquaculture sector in northern Norway is being hit hard by an algae bloom. It is affecting the waters between Nordland and south of Troms, an area of about 450 kilometers of coastline. This is a serious situation and a significant number of fish have died.” News24 reports, “More than 10,000 tonnes of salmon have died in their pens in fjords in the counties of Nordland and Troms since mid-May. That represents several million fish and a financial loss for fish farmers of hundreds of millions Norwegian kroner (tens of millions of dollars or euros).”

Poseidon Ocean Systems, a world leader in innovative life support technology for aquaculture can protect your fish and prevent tragedies like this in the future.

Canada has been successfully dealing with algae blooms for decades, and Poseidon equipment is in use on up to 80% of the farms in Canada.

As Canada’s leader in design, development and engineering of cutting-edge life support systems, we provide both aeration and oxygen diffusion systems to some of the world’s most advanced aquaculture companies. Our system involves moving clean water from depth into the pen with sufficient velocity that the clean water creates a positive pressure boundary within the pen.


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