Life Support Systems

Poseidon Ocean Systems is a world leader in innovative life support technology for aquaculture.

Our team can assist your operation in identifying harmful algae, plankton, and other water quality threats, as well as developing protocols and implementing operating procedures to mitigate against those threats.

Flowpressor Aeration & Life Support System

Advanced Features & Performance With Significant Fuel Savings

Flowpressor Aeration System

Flowpressor has shown to reduce fuel consumption as much as 56% which can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual operations costs.


An Evolution In Aquaculture Aeration
Flowpressor is technology designed to revolutionize aquaculture aeration systems. Beyond significant fuel savings of up to 56%, we specifically designed Flowpressor to produce a high rate of flow at the right pressure for maximum efficiency. Remote operation and data control systems can be connected to your existing networks.

  • Mobile design with reduced footprint
  • Direct drive Tier 3 diesel design
  • No fuel additives to deal with
  • No electrical feed needed
  • Replaces two 400 cfm conventional compressors
  • 24/7 status reporting
  • IOT system architecture for remote monitoring & control
  • Variable output range of 300-800 scfm
Poseidon Ocean Systems - Flowpressor Process

Aeration & Oxygenation

We have developed aeration and oxygen supply systems with advanced controls that solve many existing industry problems. Our systems are highly reliable, have long-life spans, and are environmentally conscious. The pressure systems are designed to ASME standards and the materials are selected to withstand harsh marine environment.

Improve poor oxygen conditions and enhance harvest.

Whether it is during the grow-out period, harvest or times of higher stress, Poseidon Ocean Systems ensure you achieve the best possible conditions.  Reduces stress and maximizes growth conditions by allowing you to feed more.

Improve the health, vitality, and yield

Effective aeration systems create a barrier to harmful plankton blooms and jellyfish infestations. This reduces or even eliminates the concentration of potentially harmful organisms in the cage system.

Poseidon Certifications

Our current certifications include:

  • Class MA License as a Boiler and Pressure Vessel Contractor
  • Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) for aeration and oxygen panels within British Columbia, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Ontario
  • Familiar with PED, ISO, and ASTM standards

In addition, our current licenses allow us to easily expand our certifications. We can and will expand certification to any province, state, or country necessary for equipment installation.

Flow Meters

  • Flow meters utilize Poseidon’s proprietary quick-change system for rapid replacement and expansion
  • Configurable, with 4 – 8 outlet channels, 700Lpm (25 SCFM) capacity

Integrated Regulators

  • Available integrated regulators ensure equal pressure distribution throughout even the largest farms
  • Filter available for removal of condensate and protection against debris

High-flow Manifold

  • Patented high-flow manifold design improves efficiency and reduces maintenance
  • Meets ASME & CSA Pressure Piping requirements
  • Supported by ongoing, advanced research and development


  • Diffuser assemblies available in various configurations and flow capabilities
  • Compatible with bubble-curtain systems

Application Expertise

Plankton Migration

Mitigating against the harmful effects of plankton blooms on marine sites involves moving clean water from depth into the pen, with sufficient velocity so that the clean water creates a positive pressure boundary within the pen.

Optimum Oxygenation

Adequate oxygen levels in the water at all times not only ensures growth; it promotes the health, appetite and general well-being of fish. Oxygen also helps to reduce the effects of temperature-induced stress in fish.

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