Poseidon Ocean Systems introduces new aquaculture life support system designed to protect against deadly algae blooms

CAMPBELL RIVER, BC, CANADA – June 20, 2019: Poseidon Ocean Systems, a world leader in innovative life-support technology for aquaculture, today announced the release of its Gen IV Life Support System, an aquaculture aeration system specifically designed to minimize the effect of harmful plankton outbreaks and protect fish against hazardous algae blooms

“Algae blooms can have a devastating effect on operations,” says Matt Clarke, Poseidon’s CEO. “The recent outbreak in northern Norway affected roughly 450 kilometers of coastline and led to losses estimated to be as high as eight million salmon in one week alone. This crisis demonstrates why it’s imperative that farmers create a barrier to harmful plankton blooms with an effective aquaculture aeration system. Our new Gen IV Life Support System gives farmers greater control over the water quality within the marine pen system. This not only ensures growth, but also promotes the health and general well-being of fish.”

A good aeration system can also offer a first line of defense against poor oxygen conditions and combat high surface temperatures. Using aeration to move water up from depth can increase oxygen and bring in colder water to fight the increased temperatures during the summer heat.

The Gen IV Life Support System is the culmination of years of R&D with salmon farmers; the system has dramatically reduced the impact of harmful algae blooms to salmon farming operations in Canada. It is designed to combat poor water quality within the fish pens due to harmful algae blooms and low dissolved oxygen conditions. Whether it is during the grow out period, harvest, or times of higher stress, the supplementary air diffusion system ensures the best possible conditions are achieved.

“We provide aeration and oxygen diffusion systems to some of the world’s most advanced aquaculture companies and the result is either the significant reduction or complete elimination of mortality, elimination of lost feed days, and better overall product,” says Clarke.

Learn more about Poseidon Ocean Systems and the Gen IV Life Support Systems and how it can be engineered to precise aquaculture project specifications at https://www.poseidonos.com/products/life-support-systems/protecting-against-norways-deadly-algae-blooms.

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