Poseidon Ocean System’s TRIDENT Hybrid Steel Cage System delivers elevated worker safety and operational security to Cermaq Canada

CAMPBELL RIVER, BC, Canada – June 12, 2019 – Cermaq Canada, an aquaculture company located on the east and west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, has entered into a purchase agreement with Poseidon Ocean Systems, a leading provider of innovative and industry-leading aquaculture solutions. The agreement is for the purchase of Poseidon’s 40m x 40m Trident Hybrid Steel Cage System for their Fortune Channel Ocean farm site.

Strong winds, rough waves and severe storms can punish any net pen cage system. And too often the severe weather and harsh conditions cause costly damage. Poseidon’s new Trident Hybrid was specifically designed to withstand the harshest conditions, while providing unprecedented worker safety, system stability, systems integration, and all in a cage system that can be certified to NS 9415.

“We are impressed with the innovation and technology being developed out of Poseidon,” said Dave Kiemele, Managing Director for Cermaq Canada. “Along with being an innovative design which will provide operational improvements, the system also improves worker safety by helping to eliminate tripping hazards by running the electrical, air, and feed piping under the decking.”

“The Trident system is a breakthrough in net pen design and engineering,” stated Matt Clarke, Poseidon’s President and CEO. “For the past 20 years there have been minimal advancements in steel cage systems. We believe our product represents a significant advancement in the evolution of steel net pen systems. It delivers a new level of fish escape protection and systems integration that will elevate Cermaq’s worker safety and overall site productivity.”

The Trident Cage System is designed with all the aquaculture farm processes in mind. It allows for the full integration of aquaculture systems, including feed systems, advanced rigging options for smolt, grow-out and predator nets, life support systems, cameras and lighting, mort recovery, and almost any other ancillary aquaculture systems.

The Trident Hybrid System notably replaces the typical square billet flotation with continuous HDPE pipes. In fact, the pipes are over 400% stronger than billets and provide consistent, superior buoyancy throughout the cage array. Plus, the unique, patented system affords farmers the ultimate in net rigging flexibility. It’s easier to clean between cycles, lasts longer than billets and is backwards-compatible with existing nets and rigging styles. Furthermore, it allows operators to deploy new systems and concepts as new advancements come to market.

You can learn more about Poseidon Ocean Systems and the Trident Cage System at https://www.poseidonos.com/.

About Poseidon Ocean Systems
A global leader in aquaculture solutions and technology, Poseidon is a full-service aquaculture engineering and support company specializing in infrastructure design, engineering, development, supply, and installation.

About Cermaq Canada
Cermaq Canada operates on both the west and east coast of Vancouver Island, and is part of Cermaq, an international salmon farming business with operations in Canada, Chile and Norway.

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