Trident Hybrid Sea Cage System

The world’s most advanced aquaculture steel cage system offering near boatless environment.

Its forward-thinking design allows for a seamless transition to advanced technologies, such as rigid nets and floating closed containment, without the need to invest in new structures.

Advanced Safety, Stability, & Longevity

Unlike traditional steel cage systems, the Trident system also creates a closed topside environment; reducing the amount of floating seaweed or other debris from entering the grow-out environment.

All aspects of modern farm operations can be integrated into the Trident structure, including allowing farmers to recess feed pipes and other supply lines below the walkway –eliminating trip hazards and reducing wear and chafing issues for these ancillary components.


  • Reduced twisting
  • Advanced wave energy handling
  • Obstacle-free walkways
  • Near boatless operation
  • Removable decking

  • Certified to Norwegian standard 9415
  • Engineered to 355MPa yield strength
  • 400% thicker HDPE tube flotation design

  • Fatigue resistance greater than 20 years
  • Limited lifetime warranty on flotation pipes
  • Industrial-grade long-life pins & bushings
trident walk
Trident Sea Cage
Trident Steel Cage
Trident Hybrid 40x40

Modular sizing and rigging.
Wide variety of site configurations. Standard sizes include 24m, 30m, 36m, and 40m pens.

  • Includes standard bull-rail to accommodate existing rigging plans.
  • Equipment post socket every 10’ standard.
  • Bird-net support frames with overhead lift capacity for net weights.
  • FRP walkway grating is lightweight and removable.
  • HDPE pipe flotation allows for a continuous and attenuated response to wave action. It has up to 400% greater wall thickness than traditional billets and is fully sealed.
  • All piping, hose, and conduit can be located below grating for a safe working area.
  • Removable steel grating is an option.
  • Grating can be upgraded to accommodate forklifts at any time.
  • All feed and air piping is located under the deck.
  • Pipe floatation is continuous across all hinged joints, significantly reducing deflection at the hinges, and reducing or eliminating the need for hinge stiffeners.
trident walk

Closed Marine Systems (CMAS)

The ocean is the most efficient location for growing protein to feed our growing global population. However, biological challenges persist, and with global warming and changing ocean conditions, may continue to develop further challenges which negatively impact growth. With the assistance of our Trident Closed Marine Aquaculture System (CMAS), we can increase your protein yield while working harmoniously with the sea.

Our Trident CMAS system can be implemented for roughly 10% of the cost of land-based production facilities, while keeping production located within existing operational groups. Combined with our award-winning Flowpressor and Oxypressor technologies, our Trident CMAS system can create a controlled, ocean-based environment which can effectively eliminate the need for sea lice treatments, benthic impact or fouling requirements, harmful water quality events and spatial conflict.

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