When it comes to mooring systems for aquaculture and fish farms, we can both design your system and supply the fundamental hardware for these highly technical systems, and whenever required we can facilitate and oversee the installation and certification by our engineers.  

Our mooring systems for aquaculture and fish farms are designed to withstand the harshest marine environments on the planet. Our clients can attest to their durability and innovation, both up and down the West Coast and around the globe. 

Engineered mooring systems

Designed for extreme locations and highly regulated environments, Poseidon moorings incorporate the latest in anchor design, technical fibers and ropes, all combined with an engineered system that’s fully integrated to function seamlessly. We offer complete, project-managed mooring packages for aquaculture and fish farm operations, including:

  • Custom mooring package design
  • Mooring analysis
  • Mooring supply and hardware
  • Installation oversight
  • Final engineering approval 
  • Attestations and certifications for regulatory and insurance agencies


Mooring hardware and supply

Need mooring hardware? Our aquaculture experts have you covered with the latest aquaculture technology and mooring hardware.

  • Both commodity and engineered ropes – available in bulk, or custom-finished in specific lengths and with finishing attachments (thimbles, etc.)
  • Specialized ropes including Dyneema® 
  • Technical fibers and strap systems
  • Buoys
  • Mooring chain – all types
  • Mooring hardware
  • Shackles, thimbles, master links, weld-less rings
  • Connection plates and rings for rope grids


Engineering design and mooring analysis

Your operation is only as reliable as your mooring system. That’s why we use advanced tools to design and analyze each mooring system, using transparent standards to generate detailed component schedules. 

But our unique approach goes well beyond site and system analysis – we also recognize that local knowledge and experience, in conjunction with the specific environmental conditions at your project site, can critically impact the design and feasibility of your mooring systems. Our handpicked team of marine engineers and aquaculture experts delivers decades of applied experience, industry knowledge and a collaborative approach tailored to the precise parameters of your project.