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Investor Relations

Invest In Poseidon

In addition to an expanding customer base, Poseidon Ocean Systems innovative approach to aquaculture is attracting the attention of investors throughout the world.

To expand our leadership and achieve our growth objectives, we are entertaining outside investments. If you are an industry supplier, a private equity or public investor , we are interested in discussing a mutually beneficial relationship.

Do you have an interest in developing your own aquaculture operation?

Aquaculture Investors

Is owning your own fish farm better than buying and reselling fish? It’s a question we’re often asked. But, building a farm is far more complex than just providing a price on the structure. It requires the understanding, planning and execution of a aquaculture expert like Poseidon Ocean Systems.

In fact, we can guide you through the process and serve as your partner to spec and run the farm.

Developing The Specifications

Aquaculture is complex and building a cost effective, productive farm requires in-depth research. For example, it’s essential to review the site location and understand operational details such as the:

  • Pen Size
  • Food Delivery
  • Power Resources
  • Water Quality
  • Production And Biomass Requirements

A detailed analysis is essential to specify and build a farm that best meets your needs.

Building And Aquaculture Management

Once specifications are defined, our team builds out the facility. And once it’s complete and operating, we work with you at the farm site to manage the equipment. This ensures that the farm is operating at peak efficiency and leads to a better and more profitable farm.

Smart Investing

Do you have an interest in investing in a fast growing aquaculture company? Then, let’s discuss the possibilities.