Dynamic conditions are typical of aquaculture installations. As a result, precise and accurate mooring systems are a must have. But, the conditions the systems face are more than harsh weather. To operate reliably, they must conform to the geography and the terrain. And further, stand up to the fatigue, wear and corrosion of equipment, which typically fluctuates over time.

Poseidon Ocean Systems conducts Mooring Analysis and engineers custom mooring systems that endure these harsh environments and keep floating structures secure. Designed to withstand wind, waves, currents, and even cold and ice, our mooring systems reduce fatigue and wear that causes breakage. In addition, we employ a thorough design analysis to ensure you receive the safest most economical system possible.

Engineered Mooring Systems – Customized for your environment

Mooring system reliability impacts the dependability of your entire operation. To ensure reliability, we use advanced tools to design and analyze each system we deliver, Plus, we use transparent standards to give you confidence in our design methodology.

In addition, we recognize that local knowledge and experience, in conjunction with the specific environmental conditions at your project site, can critically impact the design and feasibility of your mooring systems. Our handpicked marine engineering team and aquaculture experts deliver decades of applied experience, industry knowledge and a collaborative approach tailored to the precise parameters of your project.

Mooring System Design Expertise

We excel in designing systems for extreme locations and highly regulated environments. Poseidon mooring systems incorporate the latest in anchor designs, technical fibers and ropes, all combined with an engineered system that’s fully integrated to function seamlessly.

We offer complete mooring analysis, and fully project-managed mooring packages for aquaculture and fish farm operations, including:


  • Mooring Analysis & System modeling
  • Custom mooring package design
  • Mooring supply and hardware
  • Installation oversight
  • Final engineering approval
  • Attestations and certifications for regulatory and insurance agencies

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