How do you gain an operational edge? It’s rarely by using the stock product or maintaining the status quo. Although there are common aquaculture processes used in operations worldwide, the best solutions are often unique to each one. That’s why Poseidon Ocean Systems customized products are a better option. They provide you with a cost effective way to increase operational efficiencies, improve safety and elevate production yields.

Modifying Stock Products

The fact is, local regulations or internal workflows may prevent you from using a stock product. But, modifying a stock product and adding important features is an effective alternative. Poseidon is especially adept at evaluating your current operation and making modifications that increase efficiencies, meet local regulatory requirements and save money in the process. In addition, we can add new accessories to competitor products to improve their output!

Predator Protection

Predators vary throughout the world. And that means a product that works effectively in Europe may not succeed in North America. Poseidon Ocean Systems customized products add key features to net pens, cages and more to keep your employees and your fish safe.

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