For aquaculture organizations worldwide needing solutions built for their unique and challenging requirements, Poseidon Ocean Systems collaboratively and creatively develops environmentally sound reliable solutions that increase yields and reduce the costs of operations.

Who is Poseidon?

A global leader in aquaculture solutions and technology, Poseidon is a full-service aquaculture engineering and support company specializing in infrastructure design, engineering, development, supply, and installation. We approach each project thoughtfully, taking pride in developing solutions for customers’ unique requirements. This holistic approach has allowed us to develop and expand client relationships throughout the world.

Cofounded by Matt Clarke, P. Eng., formerly the head of engineering for a major Canadian Aquaculture company, Poseidon is based in Campbell River, British Columbia on Canada’s magnificent Pacific Coast. Our team works together developing industry leading innovations.

Scope of services

Our products and services are designed to meet the diverse needs of aquaculture organizations through the design, construction, and supply of marine aquaculture equipment, including:


  • Life support systems: air and oxygen diffusion
  • Mooring systems
  • Net pens
  • Nets
  • Anti-predation nets
  • Net handling systems
  • Algae and plankton mitigation systems
  • Oxygen supplementation systems
  • Tarp systems
  • Underwater lighting systems
  • Feed systems and much more

Poseidon Main Office:
1790 Perkins Road
Campbell River, BC V9W 4R9

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